Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upcoming exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel

Hi Everyone,

I'm back in the studio again preparing for an upcoming exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto curated by Shannon Gerard.
Using print as a primary strategy, the Open Studio Artist Members in PINK
PEARL work with paper, artist books, material arts, sculpture, and animation
to address notions of erasure, transcendence and accumulation. Print media
is often characterized by a material emphasis on subtraction and addition.
As a dug hole is mirrored by the mound of dirt it unearths, any removal of
material from the surface of a print matrix implies an accumulation
elsewhere. What meaning can be found in those liminal spaces between minus
and plus? Works in PINK PEARL move past surface engagements with etched
plates, burned screens, grained stones, carved wood and cut paper to explore
the concepts of erasure and transcendence. Using print as a primary
strategy, artists in PINK PEARL create works on paper, artist books,
material arts, sculpture, and animation.
Works from OPEN STUDIO members: Nadine Bariteau, Tara Cooper, Elizabeth
D¹Agostino, Shannon Gerard, Geneviève Jodouin, Lauren Nurse, Nick Shick,
Amanda Nicole White and Tobias Williams

Dates of the exhibition
8 December 2011 to 8 January 2012
Opening Reception Date
Thursday 8 December
7-10 pm

Here's a couple of pics of the work in progress and some installation shots.  If you're around on Thursday please join us for the opening.  The show will be up until January 8.

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Maya said...

Looks amazing Elizabeth!