Sunday, April 12, 2009

Open Portfolio at SGC

Here are pics of Emma and I participating in Open Portfolio at SGC. So much great work to look at!

Nancy Jacobi and Sigrid Blohm from the Japanese Paper Place, Toronto selling their wonderful paper at the SGC Trade Fair.

Mark Bovey from NASCAD presenting at the Canadian/American panel.

Canadian/ American Printmaking: Cross Fertilization or Cultural Imperialism

The Canadian printmaking panel at SGC. This panel examines Canadian contemporary printmaking and the question of cross-fertilization or American cultural imperialism between our two cultures. Each panelist's discussed how has culture influenced their work as practicing artists both visually and technically from the perspectives of working and teaching in Canada. Here's an Walter Jule image projected onto the large screen.

A great altered book arts piece at Columbia College Center for Book Arts and Paper. All the books are sanded down to resemble little beach rocks.

......and here's the finished product with a bit of text.

The screen is placed on the wet paper sheet and paper pulp tinted with colour is sprayed onto the rooster stencil.

The paper is being couched onto a wet surface.

Here's a papermaking demo with pulp screen printing at Columbia College Center for Book Arts.

This is another great Public Art Sculpture not far from Anish Kapoor's. There are fountain spouts where the mouths are located. They are doing some maintenance work on the fountains so they weren't operational. If you look at the faces long enough you will witness them blinking and and smiling.

One more pic ..... my reflection!
Jill and Emma taking some snapshots from underneath the arch of the sculpture.

We managed to get outside and leave the conference site to check out other venues and some of the galleries. We spent alot of time enjoying the Anish Kapoor sculpture along Michigan mile. It looked amazing from every direction and captured the city in it's reflection.
Here's pic of from one of the panel "Printmaking with Extreme Technology
This panel included an international group of artists who use extreme technology to make works that can only be called prints, but that are far removed from traditional printmaking techniques. This is recent print by Leslie Dill that involves LEDs and laser cut paper (3D printing).

printing the plates

We had a busy 4 days listening to panel discussions, watching demos and seeing alot of prints. Here's a pic from one of the demos on multi-plate registration with polymer film.

I really loved this portfolio and it's unique format. Here's a wonderful lithograph by Michael Barnes.

Southern Graphics Conference

I recently came back from Chicago where I attended the annual Southern Graphics Conference hosted by Columbia College. I travelled with Jill, Emma and Jocelyn all from Open Studio Chicago and the conference was great! Here's a couple of pics from one of the many portfolios on exhibit.