Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's a couple of installation shots of my recent exhibition at LOOP Gallery "Artifacts of the Self-Made". There are 3 seperate bodies of work in this exhibition which include drawings, etchings and silkscreen on Gampi and Somerset paper.

Collecting is an important part of my practice as it not only informs my work through historical references but formally as well, as I am interested in finding relationships among these objects through shape, texture and links to memory. These collections generate curiosities within myself as it prompts a desire to know more about them and their stories. From this research, drawings, photos and unusual juxtapositions of these objects to create imagined hybrids and invented natural environments.

The images I create take the form of the human artifacts, vegetable and animal life. They are displayed within complex settings as delicate curiosities in my drawings and prints; the natural world connects the human-made world. I am interested in components familiar with particular landscapes and specific facets of nature, interwoven into new settings. I continue to document and display details of growth while many of these elements are drawn up through imagination producing new oddities of growth, complex root systems and hybridized forms of nature.

Studies From the Intersections of the Natural and Invented


Studies From the Intersections of the Natural and Invented. Variable dimensions. Pencil and gouache on paper.

Artifacts of the Self Made - Gampi prints

Artifacts of the Self Made I - VI, 23 x 38 inches and 10 x 10 inches. Etching, silkscreen on Gampi.

Nocturnal II and IV, 22 inches x 22 inches. Monotype, etching and silkscreen.