Wednesday, February 13, 2013

detail from the Journal of the Unlikely Botanist

Journal of the Unlikely Botanist

Unsorted Collections, Episode I-IV
Here are a few pics and installation shots from the exhibition.  A huge thanks to Brian Burnett for the great photos and Laura Moore for her assistance with my sculpture molds.

Nature Collapse

Well I made it through the holidays! Most of my time was spent with either the family or in the studio preparing for my upcoming exhibition at Loop Gallery. I was busy right up to the end of January finishing the last bit of details for my upcoming show titled "Nature Collapse".  I've created a new body of work in the last year that includes, drawings, prints, sculpture and digital prints from video stills.

Working with the notion of longing and belonging, Nature Collapse examines relationships within the natural world inspired by botanical and entomological research. Elizabeth D’Agostino draws from observational notes and re-counts specific sites to create new roles within a fabricated landscape. By assembling hybridized forms, objects of curiosity and deliberate combinations of biological imagery, Nature Collapse reflects the integration between form and function within the natural world.