Monday, January 30, 2012

Tangled Up in Blue

Normally, I don't do large editions but I was invited by my good friend and colleague 
Johntimothy Pizzuto from the University of South Dakota and John Driesbach to participate
in a print portfolio. Here's a few sneak peaks of "Tales from the Blue Forest", Etching and
Silkscreen on Gampi tissue. Ready to be packed and shipped to Ohio then New Orleans for the
2012 Southern Graphics Conference International in New Orleans.

Tangled Up in Blue/Tied to the Mast
From “Over the Rainbow” to “Route 66” traveling, whether home to Penelope in Ithaca 
or down the yellow brick road to Oz, has been the stuff of myth and song throughout 
history. Artists in this portfolio have examined travel in song and myth. Life’s cross 
currents, that is, travel and travail, moving through time, moving through life, are
chronicled in twenty-five images hand printed through traditional and non-traditional
Organizers: John Driesbach and Johntimothy Pizzuto