Monday, March 2, 2009

Studio Renovation

Abel and I will be renovating the studio soon, just in time for spring. The hard floors are ready but we aren't. I'm looking forward to a better working space. Check back soon for updates!

New project on the horizon

I have started to learn how to needle felt. It's a bit of a different direction for me but I've had this bag of sheep's wool for ages now. I'm hoping to make some 3 dimensional objects based on my drawings. We'll see what happens.

Southern Graphics Conference

Check back soon for updates. I'll be heading to 38th Annual SGC Conference: Command Print this month. It's in Chicago this year at Columbia College.

Here's the finished print " Tracing the New Sightlines".

Here's a couple more pics of the gang printing!

Visiting Artist at the Univeristy of South Dakota, Vermillion

I'm always reading everyone else's blog so I thought I would join the rest of the world and create my very own blog too. So here I am with my first official post. I'll do my best to keep you posted with all my current happenings studio stuff!

Last April (2008), I was invited by my good friend and colleague John Timothy Pizzuto. JT and I worked together at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and he know heads up the Print Department at USD. So off I went to join JT and Patti at the Ponderosa! I seem to have all these friends who have these wonderful abodes in the most remote areas and I find myself always asking "how did you ever find this place?" Anyways, it's always nice to break from the bustling let's get back to the visit.

I spent a week editioning with the USD Grad students and JT. What a great experience it was working with the students. They worked really hard taking shifts assisting me in between chatting about their grad experience and their journey to USD.

Between all of the plates, screens and monotypes, I think there were about 10 layers and found myself working right down to wire. Here's a pic of Raina pulling one of the first layers of monotype.