Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Washi Art Sale

Hi Everyone, I will participating in the Washi Art Sale at the the Japanese Paper Place this Sunday November 21 from 11am to 5pm. I will be selling small drawings and prints on Washi paper all under $300. Hope you can stop by.


The Japanese Paper Place
77 Brock Avenue, Toronto
t 416.538.9669 / f 416.538.0563

Washi Art Sale
Sunday November 21, 11 am – 5 pm
The Japanese Paper Place, 77 Brock Ave.

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aine scannell said...

Hello Elizabeth
I found you through the Japanese Paper Place and became excited because you are printing etchings onto Japanese papers. It's something I have been interested in doing for a while but have not found out much, through browsing the web.
I think your blog is great and your website.
I see you have connections with printmakers I know of too. PLEASE if you wouldn't mind - let me know which specific papers, you use for etching onto.??

You have mentioned Gampi - is that a particular type of Japanese paper or a generic term for a 'family' of papers (so to speak)?

There's a place here in the UK that sells papers from 'The Japanese paper place' - of course many of the papers are expensive - but if I could order the ones that you have used and know them to be good for the purpose - I would really appreciate it.

You sound busy and I just hope you will find time to send a response. aine@ainescannell.com

or leave a post on my blog.

nest wishes

Aine Scannell